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Government Of Assam Hill Areas

List of Projects Retained by Government of India Under MOS Signed with United People Democratic Solidarity(UPDS) for the Year 2016-2017

  • Sl. No.Name of the ProjectsAmount (Rs. in Lakh)
    PWD (Roads)
    i.Construction of Road from Dillai Bazar to Mon Bahadur Tamang-Koilajan, Longvoku Model Village, Vokekaj to Manja at NH-36 (L=30km)3240.00
    ii.Construction of Road from Birola (Taralangso Tiniali) to Rongkimi near NH-36 (L=25km)4415.00
    iii.Construction of RCC Bridge over Bornewria river at Men Teron, L=40M345.00
    iv.Construction of RCC Bridge over Deopani river at Bahakangtui upper Deopani, L=50m411.00
    v.Construction of RCC Bridge No. 6/1 (L=45m) over Numbor river from BBDC to Rongkimi road, L=45m384.00
    vi.Construction of RCC Road from NH-39 to BBDC Road via Langmili, L=11km1262.81
    vii.Construction of Road with M&BT form NH-36 at Disobai to Batlok towards Thekaranjan, L=12km1500.00
    viii.Construction of Umpoo to Deori Tiniali Road via Longleethan upto Mulahin with cross drainage structure, L=14.50km1155.91
    ix.Construction of 2 (two) RCC Bridgse, Br. No. 4/1, Span=12m and Br. No. 8/1 SPAn=25m on Ulukunchi Amtereng Bazar (UAB) road.450.00
    x.Construction and M & BT of Road from Mokolium to Khatkhasia, L=12.75km931.00
    xi.M & BT and Construction from Umkhirmi, Somaton to Mukroh, L=11.50km863.00
    xii.Construction of road from Era gaon to Langchitung, L=27km2705.00
    xiii.Construction of road with M&BT from Chek Artu to Belending to Dera-Arlok, L=11.20km1600.00
    xiv.Khumraikora-Langardang road, L=18km1600.00
    xv.Construction of Deoritiniali to Deramukam road from 2nd km to 7th km, L=5km500.00
    Public Health Engineering
    xvi.Greater Umsowai Water Supply Scheme to cover from Romphoni up to Patalu1577.00
    xvii.Greater Sildharampur – Buraguhai Water Supply Scheme1507.00